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The idea of breaking a boundary is widely understood. Stepping beyond the norm, attempting and discovering the new. Creating something unique, inspiring, and most of all… awesome. Breaking a boundary is no easy feat. We tend to be allergic to change, allowing mimicry to rule. We find it’s easier to copy the old than take risks towards the new.

Since the inception of Hotel Art Fair in 2013, our intention has been and will remain the same – To move further than the status-quo and initiate the new. To take calculated risks and leave our own mark. To work with mutual visionaries and share in the rewards along the way. And over the past 6 years, the rewards have certainly come, not only in terms of recognition and popularity but more importantly, in terms of optimism and enthusiasm towards the new.

For one weekend this June, the public will be able to experience artwork that provokes curiosities, challenges thought, and fosters meaningful dialogue in a modern and contemporary setting.

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